Analysis Of Lorraine Hansberry's Raisin In The Sun

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“Raisin in the sun” by Lorraine Hansberry according to Dreams Deterred: A Study of Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun is the first African American novel played by Broadway (Al-Duleimy). In this novel Lorraine Hansberry write about the dreams of a colored family, and the difficulties of each member of this family to realize their dreams. “What is so interesting is that these dreams are deferred and finally deterred, because simply they are built on the wrong premises” (Al-Duleimy, 538). Each of family member based their dreams with materialism. Lorraine criticizes the discriminatory and racial climate in America in the 1950s.The novel takes the place in a small neighborhood in Chicago. The Youngers faces the complicated racial fight between…show more content…
Beneatha is Walter Lee´s little sister. She is very smart. Beneatha thinks that she is always right. Beneatha want to become a doctor in the future. She say everything that is on her mind and nothing makes her happy. She is always fighting with Walter Lee about the decision of become a doctor. Karl Linder, is the member of the Clybourne Park Improvement Association. He is in charge to maintain the living conditions for the people of Clybourne Park. He comes to the Youngers apartment with concerns about the new house that they have just bought. Linder believed that “people get along better... when they share a common background” (Hansberry 117). He offered money to the Youngers to not move into the house. The entire family lives in a tinny department. It consist in only two rooms, the large one serve ads both living room and kitchen. Mama and Beneatha share the only real room of the apartment. Walter and Ruth´ bedroom is a small space close to the kitchen. They share the bathroom with their neighbor. They are a poor family, the difficult circumstances its makes that this family just leave their dreams behind to continue living. “Dreams are the only thing they have in this world”…show more content…
However Walters places his own dream, and money, before the values of liberty, respect, and love. “Mama: Sun—how come you talk so much „bout money? Walter: (With immense passion). Because it is life, Mama! Mama: (Quietly). Oh—(Very quietly). So now it‟s life. Money is life. Once upon a time, freedom used to be life—now it‟s money. I guess the world really do change… Walter: No—it was always money, Mama. We just didn‟t know about it. (Hansberry, 514). Walter desperation increases when he sees that Mama it is an obstacle in his dreams. Mama, has to make a decision, about what to do with the money. She gives a down payment for a house. She chose a house in a withe neighbor, Clybourne Park. When Mama gives the new to their children Beneatha and Ruth were very happy. The only person that upset is Walter. She sees how her son´s dreams have consume his soul. As result, So, Mama´s gives a big responsibility to Walter Lee. She wants that her son feel the value of responsibility, which is lost with his actions. Mama gives the head the family to her son Walter hopping he would understand the
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