Analysis Of Outing Whiteness By Rka Shome

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Abstract #1

This article “Outing Whiteness” written by Raka Shome explains whiteness, racism, and white supremacy that is deep rooted in our country. In the article we learned about what it is, white people and their privilege, how racism is embedded in our society, white people's deflection tactics, and whiteness in our society today. To start, whiteness studies is the study of the invisible structures in our society that consist of white supremacy and racism. It analyzes the social makeup, behaviors, and phenomena of white people. Whiteness studies is the analysis of how white culture operates and what they do that makes them racist. According to Raka Shome, in his article “Outing Whiteness” she shares with us, “The investigative strain …show more content…

It is something we need to break and change. To continue, Raka Shome says, “This research rightly recognizes that whiteness, as an institutionalized and systemic problem, is maintained and produced not by overt rhetorics of whiteness, but rather, by its "everydayness," by the everyday, unquestioned racialized social relations that have acquired a seeming normativity and through that normativity function to make invisible the ways in which whites participate in, and derive protection and benefits from, a system whose rules and organizational relations work to their advantage.” Shome was talking about everyday whiteness and basically how white racism is built into our everyday lives in our society. White people are making white supremacy a social norm …show more content…

Deflection is something people will do to avoid answering or confronting something they don't want to hear or fix. One thing white people will do is pretend that racism and white supremacy does not exist. They will tend to make themselves the victim, and they will refuse to take the blame for the harm that they cause. According to Raka Shome, she shares, “Indeed, one finds too often that when whites are confronted about white privilege, the usual responses tend to be those that manifest this “deflection” characterized in response such as- “I don't get it or sweet it” or “I am not like that,” or “I am not a part of the structure,” or “that's the way things are,” or “yes, but why make this a race issue.”” Whites will say anything to deflect the topic of their white supremacy embedded in our country. The overall goal is to obviously eliminate white supremacy and racism in our culture and society. In order to do that Raka Shome says that we have to change our social structures, attitudes, and everyday practices that support white

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