Analysis Of Rikki Tavi By Rudyard Kipling

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Rikki-tikki-tavi Plot Analysis Essay Guide/Outline In Rudyard Kipling's fiction story, "Rikki-tikki-tavi", the theme of Good vs. Evil is demonstrated through Rikki's actions during his many conflicts within the story. For example, when Nag and Nagaina are talking about how to kill the family outside the bathroom sluice.(evil) And The next morning Rikki asked Darzee where Nagaina has hidden her eggs, and went to smash the eggs.(good) After Rikki smashed most of the eggs he saw Nagaina in the veranda and went to trick Nagaina to save Teddy and kill Nagaina in a rathole.(good)pg 31-32 Rikki's actions during key points in the story show the reader that conflict is necessary (insert thesis area/theme here: Good vs. Evil Rudyard first introduces the idea Good vs. Evil in the scene where Rikki hears Nag and Nagaina talking about how to kill the family from the bathroom sluice, soRikki hid behind a Jar until Nagfell asleep so he can bite Nag dehind the hood and never let go until the cobra was dead. Evil because when you are talking about how to kill a person it's pretty Evil so that's why i chose that as one of the evil aspects from the story . …show more content…

Good because even though it is something evil Rikki did it because if he didn't then Nagaina could have killed

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