Brikki Tavi Analysis

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“Rikki-tikki tavi” by Rudyard kipling
Rikki- tikki tavi had a right to be proud of himself because he was going to defeat karit, nag, and nagaina the one who saved his family was a very brave and sneaky. Rikki-tikki tavi has the right to be proud, and brave of himself because he almost died in the flood on the summer day. The fight started by the cobras because they wanted the room so they tried to kill the family. The cobras were also trying to eat the eggs/ babies and Rikki-tikki was trying to stop the cobras from eating the baby eggs. On page 19 the author has Rikki-tikki say about nag “ Nag is dead- is dead -is dead- is dead”. Rikki-tikki over heard that nag was going to go through the sluice, so later that night Rikki-tikki came up
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