Analysis Of Still Separate Still Unequal

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America is the so called “melting pot” of the world because it encompasses the diversity of ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and traditional values. The American Dream is defined by equal rights, racial justice and the freedom to succeed through a variety of opportunities with the support of education as a imperative structure. Sadly, due to the mistreatment and isolation for many years, African Americans were prompted to fight for the unity of school systems. Many heroic leaders endlessly advocated to bring cultures together and create an integrated school system with the belief all children will go to school amongst each other no matter their skin color. In Brown v. Board of Education, the court’s decision ended with bringing together schools and integrating them to become equal. Unfortunately, still to this day, some schools continue to remain segregated even after all the courageous activists who passionately fought to bring peace amongst all races. Jonathan Kozol, an educator and activist who challenges equal opportunities in schools systems, has written many books based off his experience with children in many inner-city schools. In the article, “Still Separate, Still Unequal,” Kozol displays the ongoing issues of segregation amongst schools who continue to isolate African Americans and whites from going to school together. Although the issue of segregation was addressed back in the 1950s, the division of schools based on ethnicity is beginning to reappear due

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