Analysis Of The Essay 'Boys' By Deborah M.

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Does the excuse of boys will be boys negatively affect boys as well as girls? Deborah M. Roffman believes as much damage is caused to boys as is to girls by giving this excuse. In her essay “what does boys will be boys really mean?” She talks about how giving boys the excuse of boys will be boys for bad behavior negatively affects boys more than girls and must be stopped. Instead of talking about what people mean when using the excuse that boys will be boys, Roffman goes into depth on what the effects on boys are when using this. Using a personal experience while teaching a class when a student requested to watch a Family Guy episode about the topic in class to draw the reader in on the topic. Roffman explains “It’s the underlying assumption in the show, and often in our society, that boys, by nature, are bad.” (498) when telling her students why she will not be using class time to show this clip from the show. She then begins explaining in her essay how this thought on boys negatively affects how they see themselves in society as well as how others view them. …show more content…

For sure. One solution she gives on how to stop this mindset in society is to tell those that think this way it is damaging to society. But she also gives a fix to the problem that could make a big difference when she states “Just as we’ve adjusted the bar for girls in academics and athletics, we need to let boys know that, in the sexual and social arenas, we’ve been shortchanging them by setting the bar so low”. (501) when she said this she is saying that by raising the standards expectations on how boys act it will not only help everyone realize the damage by the thinking behind the boys will be boys mindset but also hold those accountable when not acting in a positive

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