Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Guys Vs Men

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Guys vs. Men Analysis
There are many writings in the Norton Field Guide that reflect the way authors feel about certain topics. One of these excellent writings include, Guys vs. Men written by Dave Barry. In 1997, Barry was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. He had writings published in over 500 states and abroad. One day, Barry made a reflection about guys and men, and wrote it in his book, Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys. Barry writes this passage based off of different characteristics, and then connects those characteristics to his own life to explain why he feels that way about guys and men. By writing this way, he gets the attention of his audience and has them hooked throughout the whole passage. Barry has his own way of organizing his passage and getting the reader’s attention, and he does this in an excellent,
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He is humorous, yet somehow finds a way to connect to his audience and engage them in the story. Barry talks directly to his audience when writing. He goes into and out of ‘academic’ style and uses informal language to make a connection to the readers. Barry makes his readers feel like they are reading a book written by a good friend, not someone they have never met before. He does this to embrace his story telling for the differences between guys and men. His voices and opinions help move the story along, yet keeping the readers engaged throughout the whole passage. For example, in the passage, Guys vs. Men it says, “There is a serious question in my mind about whether guys actually have deep thoughts, innermost feelings, unless you count, for example, loyalty to the Detroit Tigers, or fear of bridal showers.” (Barry, 5). He is speaking directly to his readers and trying to keep them interested in the passage as much as possible. By going into and out of ‘academic’ style of writing, Barry made his readers feel more connected with him and drew attention to the rest of the
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