Analysis Of The Ladybug Girl By Jacki Davis

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Ladybug Girl In the picture book, The Ladybug Girl written by Jacki Davis and illustrated by David Soman provides a fun and playful story with the words and bright pictures. The Ladybug Girl is about a little girl named Lulu and everybody keeps telling her that she is too little to do anything. Lulu dresses up as Ladybug Girl and saves ants, goes through shark infested puddles and even skips along a dark twisty tree trunk. As the story goes on ladybug girl discovers how to make her own fun in her own backyard. This analysis will focus on the six elements of story: plot, setting, character, point of view, style and tone and theme. The plot of this story is border lining super hero when Lulu dresses up as Ladybug Girl. In the book Lulu comes …show more content…

Although these characters are flat they seem to drive the story forward and this why kids are so interested. Ladybug Girl and Bingo are best friends and they do everything together and even have the same facial expressions. When Lulu has a sad facial expression so does Bingo. For example when Lulu and Bingo are in her room and they claim to have nothing to do she has a sour look on her face and so does Bingo. The words in the book match whatever Ladybug Girl and Bingo are doing. For example when Ladybug Girl and Bingo are running down the hill to tell mama about their morning the words move as her wings flutter. The pictures match the words as well. Ladybug Girl is in a bright red ladybug outfit but Bingo also matches Ladybug Girl because he has a red brown fur. Whenever she says “I’m Ladybug Girl”! Those words are always in red. The other characters that we don’t see much are Mama and her brother. When we see her brother again Ladybug Girl picks up the ball and throws but it does not go very far. So she begs him to let her play. When Lulu sits up on the hill and watches her brother play baseball those characters are so distant and look so little that they are not that

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