Social Restrictions In The Help

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During the 1950s to 1960s the rise of Civil Rights for black Americans started to become a very widely covered social issue in the media. There were many minority groups in the US that were experiencing social restrictions such as black Americans who had the biggest and most segregated group of them all. The movie “The Help” shows a great depiction of the restrictions to black people in the 1960s. The movie shows an overall picture but really focuses on the social situations of black woman who worked as maids for white families. There are many examples shown throughout the film about how their social situation created many limitation of opportunities for them. Two of the biggest and most notable limitations shown in the movie would be the social …show more content…

One of the biggest highlighted event in the movie would be when the white people made separate bathrooms for the black people in their houses. People were disgusted about the idea of having to use the same toilet as a black person because of the “diseases” they carry and wanted seperate bathrooms. This was also just another way that white people to keep blacks under them by making them feel inferior. We also have the case of the segregated buses where the white sit in the front and black sit in the back. At this point of the movie a young black man had gotten shot and the driver boarded the bus to kick off all the black people just by saying “colored people off”. There was no reason for them to do so but they left fast and peacefully because they knew they would be in trouble if they refused. It was a dangerous time for them to be outside after the man was killed but they had no choice in the matter. This just goes to show how the separate places for the black and white played a huge role in keeping black inferior to whites and keep the social limitations upon them.
In Conclusion, during the 1960s the social situation of black Americans played a huge role in limiting their opportunities in in the American society. They were unfairly treated within this time just because of the ideals that black people were inferior to white people. The ideals of the white people and the segregation they had in many different ways played a huge role in keeping it so that the black people during this time would be kept under whites. With the circumstances the black people lived in it made it impossible for any black Americans to have access to more

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