Analysis Of The Nursery In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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George Hadley allowed the children to become dependent on the nursery. He let them spend countless hours in the nursery, where they lived their wildest fantasies without consequences. They become addicted to the nursery because of their desire to have it for themselves which led to his and wife's death. This evidence is shown “ You know how difficult Peter is about that. When I punished him a month ago by locking the nursery for even a few hours — the tantrum he threw! And Wendy too. They live for the nursery”(Bradbury 45). This shows that they are addicted and live to be in the nursery forever. However, George was simply trying to provide his children with the best life. He is a hardworking man who wanted his children to have everything they needed.The evidence is shown, “You’ve been working too hard. You need a rest”(Bradbury 47). He is working hard for his children and he wants to give his best. The text shown, “But nothing’s too good for …show more content…

This evidence shows, “We’ve given the children everything they ever wanted. Is this our reward — secrecy, disobedience?” (Bradbury 134). This shows that allowing them to control the nursery lets them be spoiled and mischief intrend they get children that are disobedient. When Gorge finally decided to shut down the nursery and take away the children’s control, it was too late. The children had become so reliant on the nursery they were unable to cope with its removal. The text shows evidence, “The two children were in hysterics. They screamed and pranced and threw things. They yelled and sobbed and swore and jumped at the furniture” (Bradbury 221). This show that the children dependent on the nursery so much that they refuse to listen and do anything to stop the adults to turn it off. This text supports it,“You can’t do that to the nursery, you can’t!”(Bradbury

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