Analysis Of The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

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Makenzie Griffith EDSE 460 Denise Hitchcock 1 March 2018 Midterm: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down It is a story about a family who shows so much loyalty to their traditions and cultures, but it clashes with the strict American “norm” and creates conflict for their most prized possession, their daughter. Young Lia’s health is at risk when the doctors are trying to treat her epilepsy, but the culture barrier between them and her parents put her at risk. Lia’s parents, Nao Kao and Foua Lee believe that their ancient traditions and healing is what Lia needs in order to get better, but Lia’s doctors prescribe her with many prescriptions to help with the seizures and her parent’s inability to read or speak English to communicate with the doctors causes complications. This book is not about doctors and medicine, but it is about how a misunderstanding between two cultures costs a young girl her life. The Hmong people’s dedication to their traditions and importance of ancestors causes difficulty when communicating with Americans. The novel has a chapter called ‘Fish Soup’ that discusses how one Hmong man presented how you make fish soup in an American college class, but discussed how you have to have fish to make it, but you have to go fishing to do that, but you have to have the equipment to be able to go fishing, and so on. The author talks about how the Hmong people believe that no event occurs in isolation and that everything is connected to something,
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