Analysis Of 'What Are People For?' By Wendell Berry

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In our society, political ignorance still today exists on a very large scale. Consequently, Even in highly developed capitalist countries like ours, a large amount of unemployment rate and instability of The economic system is often seen. Therefore, These issues and affairs have continued firmly despite rising education levels. In “what are people for?” Wendell Berry is attempting to persuade readers the government doesn’t know how to manage to the economy, and is the symbol of our ignorance of the fact that modern culture is destroying the agricultural culture. Berry uses a strong emotional appeal to prove his point. The lack of credit given to the farmers. We are eluding various economic suffering, for example, disregarding the farmer's loses. Have a huge victory for one side of the spectrum. Berry uses a strong emotional appeal to prove his point about our government being dysfunctional. he criticizes the restless mobility of modern motorized culture. "This is a the inescapably necessary of restoring and caring for our farms, forests, and rural towns and communities work that we have not been able to pay people to do for forty years and that, thanks to …show more content…

"The economists are still saying, as they have said all along, that [the farmers] deserve to fail, they have failed because they are the "less efficient producers," and that the rest of us are better off for their failure."(105). Berry uses subtle humor to get his point across. He also uses facts and statements form actual economists. With the demise of small, carefully run farms and the subsequent loss of farm labor, corporate farmers were forced to adopt wasteful practices. It is a problem of optimal scale, of knowing how to farm in a sustainable manner, rather than exploiting and ruining the land. The healthiest farms and rural economies are the most diverse. Now there are abandoned farms and rural

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