Analysis: The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere

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Changing History Here in the recent years, it has been discovered many times that some of our favorite heroes, such as Paul Revere and John Smith, have lied or have had false claims made towards their actions. Take Revere for example; a poem was written about his midnight ride during the 1860’s, when our country was falling apart due to the Civil War. This poem took all the credit from the 40 plus people who rode that night and gave it to Paul. The question is, do we have a right to do something of that nature? The answer, is both yes and no. The situation is very circumstantial, and depends greatly on the purpose of this rewrite and how much it differs from the original text. Unfortunately, many people do not understand this, and choose to…show more content…
Today, it is widely believed that Paul Revere completed the midnight ride alone, and is accepted as the truth by many people, the entertainment industry (such as video games or movies), and even some historians and history book authors. Now a days, it is often thought that Paul Revere was acting alone during his midnight ride, and that it is actually possible to achieve such a ride within the same time frame as stated in the poem without killing the horse or meeting opposition. Such a feat is impossible, and it is shocking that it was accepted by many when it was first published, though during that time almost everybody used horses as a means of…show more content…
If they are meant for the young, to make the text easier to understand, or if the author simply says that the text is not historically accurate, then indeed we do possess the right to do such things. However, assuming that the text does not meet these requirements, then the author is lying to those who choose to read it. He is also dishonoring the memory of the people present in the story (assuming they are deceased) by either taking the collective glory of multiple people and pushing it solely onto one person, or by making a person do some heroic act that never happened. Finally, the longer a lie circulates, the more people see it as the truth. Many people believe that Revere completed the ride alone in a matter of a couple of hours, when in fact that is impossible. They go without knowing the true history of the most important night in United States history, and it truly is a shame. Therefore, under proper circumstances, there is nothing wrong with rewriting history, though by disregarding these circumstances, you are lying, damaging someone’s honor and reputation, and risking the lie becoming
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