Analyzing Jerry Hannan's Poem 'Society'

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S: The speaker of this poem is a fictional character who seems to have a very mysterious and dark aura around them. O: This poem was written in the 1895 in America, after a the Panic of 1893, depression could’ve possibly inspired this dark piece. A: The poem is directed to fanatics of horror or eerie writings, it’s written in a way that leaves an open door for the unknown, which can cause fear for many people since they don’t know what could be out to get the main character. P: The author might want to tell his readers that a person with no sympathy will eventually end up alone, eating themselves up with the regrets that they’ve been holding on for so long. S: The subject of this poem is about the importance of being a kind person, not …show more content…

“Society” S: The song includes the voice of the singer, which is Jerry Hannan, he’s describes a very antisocial tone in his voice. O: This song was released in 2007, which may have been inspired by the decreasing economy at the time, and a longing to be alone from the society that caused it. A: His song is for people who desire this feeling of being seperated from society because they feel overwhelmed by it, a person who would prefer solitary. P: The purpose of this essay is to go against the belief that we need to live with other people to lead a healthy life, which in his case he says it’s better to leave all the madness of society. S: The subject here would be an individual against society, he isn’t explicitly fighting it but he is troubled by it. T: The tone is seemingly careless throughout the song, he dismisses an important part of life with metaphors and descriptive …show more content…

P: He wants to encourage his ideal of going beyond the social construct of society and finding yourself in a bigger concept like the universe. S: The subject of this song is about letting yourself go as an individual, fully disattaching yourself from society. T: The tone of this song is pretty rash, it demonstrates unruly behavior like drinking and smoking with very limited vocabulary. “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” S: This is the voice of a young man that had great admiration for an older man that is now going into his final days. O: Dylan Thomas was with his family while he wrote this poem, maybe one of his relatives inspired him to write it as they reached old age. A: This poem could be directed to the people who are heading the elderly age that feel like giving up already after having gone through a tough life. P: The purpose is to inspire people to still achieve many things as they grow old, after they reach their peak in adulthood, it’s meant to inspire motivation. S: The subject of this poem

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