Analyzing Joyce Carol Oates's 'A Christmas Carol'

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1. The radio not only made Connie comfortable around Arnold, it helped Arnold’s façade. As stated in the book, he dressed in a way that appealed to Connie (Oates 456). These factors made Connie trust him enough to continue the conversation with him. Another thing has a possible importance, a symbol of sorts, is the numbers on Arnold’s car along with the car itself. The car is like a trap, to get Connie interested, just like the way he dressed and the radio that she listened to. It could be that I’m overthinking this, but I found that the numbers on his car meant something. Arnold said that he was “always nice at first, the first time” (Oates 460). This made me think that this was not the first time he had been in a situation like this. Consequently,
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