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In the shady streets of Compton, California, a teen receives his first Music Mixer. Little does he know, this gift will shape out the rest of his life and of many others worldwide. Andre Romelle Young, also known as “Dr. Dre” is a renowned Hip-Hop artist and highly successful business entrepreneur. He has influenced the course of Rap/Hip-Hop music and those who took part in it. Dr. Dre showed leadership in his early years, aftermath of the N.W.A., and entrepreneurship of his own business. Andre Romelle Young was born on February 18, 1965 in Compton, California. He was the first born from the 17 year old Verna Young and Theodore Young. Andre’s parents were both singers for different bands. His parents separated when he was 7 years old and …show more content…

Dre used music as an escape from the tensions and problems of life. He went to house parties and clubs to work the turntables with The World Class Wreckin’ Cru around Los Angeles. In 1986, the young beat maker found Ice Cube and wrote many songs for Ruthless Records, a music label started by a drug dealer known as Eazy-E. This allowed Eazy-E to form the N.W.A. an acronym for N*ggaz With Attitude, with Dre and Cube, releasing their first album in 1987, Boyz N The Hood. A year later with new management under Jerry Heller and Priority Records, N.W.A. delivered Straight Outta Compton, which became a major hit due to its hardcore lyrics and reflection on street life, especially those of "F*ck tha Police," which resulted in the FBI sending a warning note to the NWA suggesting that the group should not promote violence. Dr. Dre’s role in this famous rap group was to produce the music and work as the DJ at the future N.W.A. concerts. They toured all over the U.S. becoming a major hit with the people but not with the police and federal government. To add to these problems,

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