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Louis Riel (1844-1885) On November 16, 1885, 41 year old Louis David Riel was executed. Riel was born on October 22nd , 1844 in Saint-Boniface, Red river settlement. Louis Riel was the oldest child out of the eleven children his parents, Louis Riel Sr and Julie Lagimodière had. Growing up Louis Riel was a smart student. For his education, he went to Collège de Montréal from 1858-1865. Louis Riel returned back to his hometown, after hearing the news that his father passed away. Although Riel left his education at a young age, he became a teacher, a Canadian politician and a lawyer which is considered one of his accomplishments. Throughout his whole life, Louis Riel had many accomplishments such as becoming the founder of Manitoba, being the Metis leader and being the central figure in the North-west and Red River resistance. When the Hudson 's Bay Company decided to sell Rupert 's land, the sale did not have any consultation with the Metis. The Red River Colony was a part of Rupert 's land, the Metis were afraid of losing their rights and land. Since Louis Riel was …show more content…

But the question is, was Louis Riel really a villain? Executing a man named Thomas Scott, going against the Canadian government, becoming the leader of 2 rebellions made people consider that Louis Riel was a villain, a madman and a traitor. Riel did do some deeds that people considered "unforgivable". But some of the deeds that he did, had a purpose behind them. Louis Riel went against the Canadian government because he was trying to help and support the Metis. Riel did not want the Metis to lose their rights. Louis Riel was the leader in the 2 rebellions. He was the leader in the rebellion because he wanted to make sure that the Metis could keep their lands. Going against the Canadian government and sacrificing his own life for the Metis proves that Louis Riel is a hero, a visionary and a leader who will be remembered for his

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