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Throughout history there has been many serial killers that have a defining characteristic that makes their crime career unique to them. Rory Conde is notorious for having killed six known prostitutes in a single year.
It all started when Rory’s wife, Carla Conde, found a tape of Rory having an affair with a prostitute. She was furious and filed for divorce. Carla took their two kids, Rory jr and Lydia Conde, and left. Rather than admitting fault and taking responsibility for one’s actions, he blamed prostitutes for ruining his marriage and life. This is the only reported cause of having any hatred for prostitutes.
After Rory’s wife left him he went out searching for a prostitute. Rory picked up Lazaro Comensana, who is a transvestite prostitute and drug addict. After paying the prostitute he found out Lazaro was a guy. Rory was furious and strangled the prostitute. Lazaro …show more content…

The fifth victim was Necole Schneider and the sixth was Rhonda Dunn.
On June 24th 1995 Rory is arrested. Police found Gloria Maestre bound in Rory’s apartment. After his arrest police searched his house. The day after his arrest he confessed to all the murders. Rory discusses his crimes in a 3 hour interview.
During the interview Rory talked of his childhood and adult life. He talked about his life.
At the age of six months Rory Conde’s mom passed away. His father left and he was raised by his grandparents. In the interview he claimed that he was physically, psychologically, and sexually abused.
His diagnosis after being interview was extreme mental or emotional disturbances.
On October 20, 1999 he is convicted of murdering Rhonda Dunn. Rory Conde is sentenced to death for the murder of Rhonda Dunn.
Rory pled guilty to 5 others murders for an agreement which would sentence him to five consecutive life sentences if the death penalty was not given for the murder of Rhonda Dunn.
Conde is still waiting for his death sentence to be

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