Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Fortunato

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All rise for the honorary Judge Briskey.
Please be seated. Mr. Montresor you are being charged with 1st degree murder of Fortunato due to the confession made to Mark Heyer about the murder how do you plea.
Not guilty your honor. Very well the prosecution may proceed with their opening statement and i advise the jury to pay close attention to detail to determine the right judgement of this man. The prosecution may proceed.
Mr. Montresor according to Mark you expressed everything that happened that night in full detail about killing Fortunato. The prosecution calls Mark to the stand. Mr. Heyer please explain to the court what Mr. Montresor told you about killing Fortunato. Well… um he told me he locked him up in the tombs of the Montresor’s …show more content…

Montresor was mentally ill at the time the murder was committed but I believe this to be false according to the previous statement said by Mr. Heyer claiming that Montresor felt guilt and remorse after starting to fill up the hole with bricks. If his client was mentally ill he would not have felt any sadness about building the wall around the entrance to the catacomb room, locking his friend away to die from starvation. He was prepared for this murder the entire time, having everything ready the moment he would step foot in the tomb. “ In its surface were two iron staples, distant from each other about two feet, horizontally.” That is all your honor. The jury shall now leave to make their decision, I encourage the jury to think hard about their choice in order to decide the right choice for this man. “Jury leaves the …show more content…

We have your honor we find the defendant guilty of First Degree Murder. Mr. Montresor I hope you had a wonderful life because as of now you will be spending life in jail without parole. There is no one else but to blame expect you. All rise for the honorary Judge Briskey. “ Judge Briskey leaves the room.” Mr. Montresor would go to live the next ten years in Verona Maximum Security Prison before dying of aids he got from a blood transfusion after an inmate cut his arm with a shank. Mr. Montresor has been asked multiple times afterwards if he regrets killing his friend and every time he responds with the same answer.

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