Carl Menarik: An Australian Serial Killer

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Carl Menarik an Vienna, Australian serial killer who was born October 2 and died after 1916, killed eight elderly resident patients by poisoning them. He killed his victims while he was employed in a nursing home in New York City. Another name he was known for was “Herr Doktor.” When he was questioned by a police he admitted and confessed his murders. Afterwards he was arrested and later was given Involuntary commitment as his crime penalty. The murders he committed successfully were done between the years of 1914 through 1915. It all started when an great number of residents at a nursing home were dying in the 1900s New York City. Carl Menarik was one out of three children of a book-keeper father who dreamed of becoming a doctor as a teen. …show more content…

After the witness declared, Mors politely confessed to the officer he had killed eight residents of the old peoples home were he worked at as a nursing assistant. He initiated he used arsenic, opium, and morphine to poison his victims and decided afterwards to devise another method that was less likely to leave any evidence. His new method was to pour chloroform into his victims mouth and when burn marks around Mors victims mouth would appear he would use a layer of Vaseline to prevent it. It was not long as Mors continued to get away with his murders until elderly patients and even some staff had about Mors to the police. Because of the this, he immediately become a suspect for the numerous amount of murders that had happened in the old peoples home. When Mors was questioned by the police he confessed and claimed his reasoning. His motive was that his victims had “needed to be put out of their misery.” He claimed that they were mercy killings, that the elderly residents who he dispatched had been “nuisances.” He confessed he had poisoned eight out of his seventeen patients who recently had

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