Arthur Onaleds: A Case Study

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On February 15th, 1997, at approximately 2:52 A.M, Sargent Zakrosky responded to the report of a terrible accident at the household of the Onaleds’. Upon arriving, Sargent Zakrosky was met by a resident of the house and was lead to the crime scene. At the scene, Sargent Zakrosky confirmed that there was a dead body at the bottom of the stairs, dressed in a tuxedo. His feet were above his head and his body was still half on the stairs and have off the stairs, faced down. On the stairs everything hanging up was undisturbed. The body still contained a glass in its hand, unbroken with no cracks. To her friends before the arrival of the investigators, Mrs. Onaled stated these exact words “Something terrible happened. Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink of water and some more cough medicine-the glass is still in his hand-and I think he is dead. Oh my goodness-what shall I do?” After …show more content…

As a rule, when people fall down the stairs, they drop what they are carrying. The Second Major piece of evidence was that Mr Arthur Onaled was positioned in such a way that his feet are above his head. As a rule, when people fall down the stairs, they land faced down, or with their head about their feet. The Third major piece of evidence was that all of the objects located on the walls are undisturbed. As a rule, when people fall down the stairs, they attempt to grab anything to stop their fall. The Fourth major piece of evidence was the glass in Mr Onaleds hand, which was still intact. As a rule, when glass falls down the stairs, it will break.. One last thing that was observed from the scene was the glass was located in Mr Onaleds left hand, which was the same side as the railing. As a rule, when people walk or run down the stairs, they usually hold the railing. Which shows he could have fallen down the

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