Andrew Carnegie Dbq

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Was Andrew Carnegie a hero? Did he’s new ideas, business and donations made him a hero? At that time most of the biggest and most profitable business were controlled by 3 important gentlemen, one of them was Andrew Carnegie who controlled the steel production in all America, being the steel production his monopoly, but also, he was one if not the biggest philanthropist in that time. So, does these matter for be a hero? Was him a hero? First, we must define what is a hero, our definition says is a person who is admire or idealize for courage outstanding achievements or noble qualities.¬¬

For know if he was a hero or not we can investigate on his past and we will come to see that he lived on the attic of a modest house, but is not only this their family started from the bottom of the society as immigrants and Andrew working in a factory when he was a child, this provide us the outstanding the beginning of his poor life but after some years he was able to repair an old castle with a value of $10,000,000 we are able to see these evidence at the …show more content…

As the document B provide us with a review of North America Review, June 1889 titled “Wealth” by Andrew Carnegie. In this document we can analyze the ways of how wealth is disposed the first is keep it for your descendants, being this a wrong way to educate your children giving wealth without having worked to achieved, the second way is the leaving it for public uses after your death, but he criticized this by “Why should a man wait until his dead before he becomes of much good in the world?”, and the last one is the one he praise of set an example of “modest, living and to produce the most beneficial result for the community” By this he explain and implement a new model of use of wealth in the world for the common good making donations and improving

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