Andrew Jackson Dbq

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Within the United States, Presidents are able to shape the county into whatever way they want when still following the rules, but that is not the case for Andrew Jackson. Known also as “old hickory”, Jackson has caused many events that had shaped our country in both positive and negative ways. Andrew Jackson was in fact a democrat and served as president from 1829 - 1837. At one point in his childhood, he was a orphan and had no immediate family alive. After this experience, he accepted an offer to serve as a public prosecutor. When he arrived, he built a legal practice, entered into trading ventures, and began to acquire land and slaves. Not only this, but he was the man who made the controversial national bank and the Indian Removal Acts. Should he have the luxury of having the spot on the $20 when…show more content…
Andrew Jackson should be removed from the $20 bill. The first reason that Andrew Jackson should not be on the $20 bill is because he was the man who created the controversial national bank. Jackson created this bank originally because he believed that it would provided credit and simulated the economy, but some americans including James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, two past presidents, had argued that the bank was unconstitutional. They stated that the constitution didn’t conferred no power to establish a national bank or any other corporation, therefore our president was unloyal to the foundation of this nation. In the charter to eliminate this bank, it labeled it elitist and anti-republican, unconstitutional, and was only benefiting a privileged few. Do we want a president who abused power in order to create a bank not benefiting everyone to be represented on our money? Many may argue that Jackson did this for making our country more “valuable”, but in the end, it just broke the steady foundation of this country by “bending” the rules in a negative way. There are other influential americans that deserve this luxurious spot
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