Who Is Andrew Jackson Deserving Of Being On The $ 20 Bill

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Every single U.S. dollar bill is printed with the face of an important person on it. They are mostly printed with the faces of men who have helped change America for the better. The people who are on the dollar bills should be people who have revolutionized America in a positive way, value what America stands for today, and they expressed leadership and courage. Andrew Jackson does not meet these standards especially because he made many decisions during his presidency that had negative effects. He had economical, political, and social impacts on the nation which were negative. Andrew Jackson is not deserving of being on the $20 bill because he used the spoils system, the Indian Removal Act, and closing the National Bank. Jackson is not deserving …show more content…

Andrew Jackson forced many Indian tribes such as the Cherokee tribe to move out of their lands and to go west of the Mississippi River. Even though the Supreme Court ruled the Indian Removal Act unconstitutional, Jackson still forced the Cherokee Indians to move out. He was also responsible for the deaths of over a quarter of the Cherokees in the Trail of Tears. This shows that Jackson is not deserving of being on the $20 bill because he ignored the Supreme Courts ruling and still forced the Cherokees to move. This shows that he ignored the Supreme Court's ruling showed that he did not follow the Constitution. Jackson made it obvious that he wanted things his way, which showed that he was self-centered and that he would not listen to others but only himself. He also caused the death of many Cherokees by forcing them to move in a trip that lasted weeks. The Indians faced exposure, diseases, and starvation along the Trail of Tears which led to their death. Therefore, Andrew Jackson is not qualified to be on the $20 bill because he supported the removal of the Indians from their territory, which had many negative effects on the Native

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