Andrew Jackson's Fight Against Native Americans

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Many people, including some historians, portray Andrew Jackson as an “Indian Hater.” Jackson frequently fought against Native Americans, but why did he fight these people? In Pruchas article she talked about many different ways Jackson fought against Native Americans and what his reasoning was. In 1808, Jackson had believed there were a group of settlers that were killed by the creeks. He believed that Great Britain ordered the creeks to come over and kill the settlers. Since that date, Jackson had not spoken of the Indians of any other way that not aimed toward England. He believed that the battle of tippecanoe was because “the excited to war by the secrete agents of Great Britain” (528). He felt like anything bad that had happened or anyone …show more content…

The first of many where you could kill them all but obviously you wouldn't be able to do that and get away with it. Secondly, you could force them to assimilate into the larger dominant society with the settlers. They would have to settle down farm, and live like “other people”. You could allow them to remain in the southeast in these different areas on a portion of their ancestral land but no other land. If that was the case you'd have to make sure you had a large military to protect them because the settlers would always be harassing them. Lastly, you could just remove them all and that seemed the most reasonable and necessary to Jackson. Move them somewhere al-state jurisdictional disputes or white settlers wouldn't get them or do any harassing. They could develop their own civilization at their own pace and wouldn't have to worry about United States laws. Not only was the government going to pay them for their lands they were also going to help them get established in their new place. I felt like removing the Indians would have been more suitable for them, because they were going to get help from the government and be able to create their own civilization. I don't feel like jackson should be criticized for supporting the removal because I felt like he tried to help and protect them. He wanted to remove them so they would be away from white settlers and being harassed all the

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