Angela Williams Narrative

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Long ago, In a place filled with daisies and and roses, there was a young girl named Angela Williams , who was very particular about her clean, shiny brown hair. She was the most popular girl in her 8th grade class and throughout the whole middle school, so naturally, everybody always wanted to be around her. But as popular as she seemed, she didn’t actually have any close friends because everyone she tried to be friends with, because her friends thought she was too bossy. Every time she was with her friends, she make them do stuff for her, like getting her a glass of water or making them brush Angela’s hair, even when it was knot and tangle free. Henchmen basicly. Angela’s parents were minor gods, and they specialized in kindness and equality. …show more content…

“This wasn’t apart of her plan….why were they up??!!,” she thought nervously. Her parents stared at her with a glare Angela had never once seen her parents do even once once in her whole entire life, because after all they were the god and godness of kinkniss. There faces were as red as tomatoes, and looked as if they were about to burst like a balloon. “Hello Missy,”Angela’s father said, coldly. “Like the new trend? Its called #baldness. I wonder who started it because I REALLY want to meet them. I-I-I- stutterd Angela, but nothing came out her mouth. Her face had suddenly become a shade of pale white, which was whiter than snow. “ THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!!!!!!, screamed her mother. “ I CAN’T TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE!! “ AND YOU KNOW WHAT??????, Angela’s father blowed. “ DO YOU WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS HAIR? HUH? WOULD YOU LIKE THAT??” “ Well, I’m going to give it to you now. My pleasure. Just consider it an early birthday present,” her father snarkled. Then, Angela’s father snapped his fingers and started mumbling something in Greece that meant, “ Deep down underground, keep this little brat safe and sound.” And with that there was a loud pop and Angela was

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