Angela's Ashes Essay

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Rough draft Bill O'Connell After starting my research about my country I picked, I have learned a lot about it, like the geographic location and much about its history. The country I picked was Ireland. The book I chose for the paper was Angela's ashes and many of my resources reflect that book. Throughout the book it talks about how poor the people was and how bad the peoples living conditions were which was also stated it almost all of my secondary sources. This country was formed a very long time ago, over two millennia. (Wilson). You would think a country that old would build wealth and popularity but no, it was never a wealthy country and it still isn't. Much of the country is farm lands. Ireland is a very damp country …show more content…

There were no wars or anything like that were significant. Many of the people there are nice and peaceful. Because of the poor living conditions and death, many people immigrated to the United States for many reasons. The top reasons would be better living conditions, better wages, more job opportunities and more land. These ideas reflected my book. Even though a lot of people immigrated here to the United States some emigrated back to Ireland. The people that did that came back more than likely because of family issues and because rent missed their old life and …show more content…

The book is narrated by a young boy who in the story grows up. He pretty much talks about the family and there problems. Life I'm Ireland for a family then was very hard. There were many diseases around then and not many ways to cure them like today. During the course of his life many family members died. Mostly the younger ones because there immune system wasn't fully grown. As the story goes on there lives get worse and worse. The family moves to New York for a while and then surprisingly goes back. Almost all people that leave Ireland never go back because of how poor living is. I will skip to the end real quick and frank, the man character moves to New York to live an better life on his own. His family has many problems including is fathers drinking party. There are many big things that happen in the story that I cannot describe in this short essay and I will describe in the actual research

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