Anger And The Politics Of Blame Analysis

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Yannik Alexander Mr. Gonzalez UNIV1402 28 February 2018 Anger and the Politics of Blame Dr. Martha Nussbaum specifically is a generally well-known philosopher at the University of Chicago, which essentially is fairly significant. She came to TAMIU to speak about the how there kind of are different types of anger and kind of blame stages, which kind of is fairly significant. As humans, anger and really blame definitely play a basically big part in our very daily life, and getting upset with someone is very easy, definitely contrary to popular belief. It basically is basically in our nature to particularly blame and for all intents and purposes be mad at each sort of other in a definitely big way. Dr. Nussbaum explained, why we act like this …show more content…

Both particularly fought for me and my siblings, who would kind of get causticity for us in a really big way. When Dr. Nussbaum spoke about this she generally hit me right in the wound the divorce left behind, which mostly is quite significant. This example generally shows the detrimental effects when we really allow anger to literally escalate. Dr. Nussbaum emphasis on this, so situations do not basically escalate like the example mentioned. Another example Dr. Nussbaum mentioned in her lecture actually was when someone does not actually get what they desire, which specifically is fairly significant. In this example, she generally argued that being particularly mature really is how this situation should essentially be handled in a major way. Dr. Nussbaum show how to basically handle the situation maturely and not like most people for the most part blame everyone and everything else for not getting the aspired. This specifically is another very great example in which Dr. Nussbaum displays how blaming someone or something will not mostly get you anywhere in a very big …show more content…

I essentially was also very impressed with how she kind of carried herself on stage, which particularly is fairly significant. You can hear her passion towards this topic and her desire to for all intents and purposes help people just hearing her definitely talk in a really major way. She offered me a new view on anger and blame. This essentially is especially important to me because I am definitely good at blaming things and people for my doings and I actually am also very particularly easy to particularly get mad, which definitely is fairly significant. Dr. Nussbaum generally opened my eyes and made me kind of feel embarrassed about myself in a definitely big way. I generally agreed with most of what Dr. Nussbaum mentioned in a sort of major way. The example of her I specifically agreed the most is, when Dr. Nussbaum mentioned the pretty ancient Greeks and how chaotic their “democratic system” was and 5000 years later the democracy basically is still as chaotic as it was back then, which is fairly

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