Anne Bradstreet: Poem Analysis

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Anne Bradstreet makes is well known poet in in early American in this selection she discusses her children living in the colonies around the seventeenth century in a poem. Anne explains how she has eight children, four boys and four girl. She explains how she tried to raise her children the right way of life. Anne explains how her first born children her son left the nest and moved away. Anne second children a girl married and moved away from home. Anne says that one of the children left for the academy with so much ambition that this child will be more successful in life than her other children. Anne feels heartbroken that some of her children left and she fears for their safety everyday . Even though she has a couple of children left she feels like an empty nester. She is so used to begin a mother and taking care of these kids, now her children are leaving her so that they can start their own lives. …show more content…

I feel that Anne feels what most mothers go through when their children start leaving and go their own way. I feel living in that time frame especially if you had kids must have been scary because sometimes you may never hear from your child ever again. It is not like today where we have phones to talk to people, back then they may have sent letters once in awhile not all the time though. I feel like this section show the fear of what was like for mother during that time period of their children leaving the nest. I feel that in today 's world that if a kid leaves the nest a mother or father can find a hobby so that do not feel like a empty nester. However back then it was the women responsible to raise a family and take care of the kids. I wonder what these women would have done after their children left thebradste

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