African American Civil War Dbq Essay

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In American civil war was triggered by many different reasons, but mainly because of the enslavement of African Americans. The northerners were anti-slavery, while the southerners were pro-slavery. It is known to be the deadliest war known, the war started in 1861 and ended in 1865, won by the North and president Lincoln abolished slavery after the war. The north outnumbered the south in many different ways; like men, guns, technology, and money. The ratio was about 4:1, but the south had one great advantage. They had the great generals, the best veterans from all the previous wars were all from the south. Although the north had all the resources and supplies, they had on one to lead the army and strategize the war plans. When the war started Fredrick Douglass, a slave who spoke up to his fellow African Americans in New York. And told them, “Better even to die free than to live slaves. This is the sentiment of every brave colored man among us. There are weak and cowardly men in all nations. We have them among us. They will tell you that this is the "White man’s war"; that the getting of you unto the army is to sacrifice you on the first opportunity." Believe them not” (Document #1 Douglass). Most African …show more content…

history woman have been treated like property, they never had a say in politics or in their community. All they did was the care of their household, and see to the well-being of their families. The war created opportunity for women in the north, they took advantage of it, hoping to get equality for all. Mary Livermore explained do, “It is for our young women that the great changes of the time promise the most: it is for our daughters, --the fair, bright girls, who are the charm of society and the delight of home; the sources of infinite comfort to fathers and mothers, and the sources of great anxiety also. What shall we do with them, --and what shall they do with and for themselves? “New occasions teach new duties, Time makes ancient good

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