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How would you feel if you were let out of a cage just to be locked in another room? This feeling was felt by many of the blacks after they were freed in the 1850's. These blacks were mostly ex-slaves or their children. There were about 476,000 free African Americans at the time. A little less than half of these lived in the Northern part of America. They were free but they still were restricted in many ways. Exactly how free were the black people in the North based on their social, economic, and political rights? The black people in the north were not as free as they seemed to be compared to the whites at the time based off of their political, social, and economic freedoms. The black people's political rights were one of the many freedoms that were very …show more content…

“We shall not make the black man a slave; we shall not buy him or sell him; but we shall not associate with him. He shall be free to live, and to thrive, if he can, and to pay taxes and perform duties; but he shall not be free to dine and drink at our board," (Document B). "...shall not... mingle with us in the concert-room, the lecture-room, the theatre, or the church, or to marry with our daughters. We are of another race, and he is inferior. Let him know his place – and keep it,” (Document B). "Before the Civil War, most Northern schools for blacks were segregated," (Document C). The white people thought that the blacks should be free, however, they still thought that they were not equal. They believed that the black people should not be able to attend public places and associate with the whites. They still thought the black race was inferior to the whites. Even the schools were segregated which shows how bad the blacks were treated. Even as children they were not allowed to socialize with the white people or white children. This should not be happening to them because the U.S.A. is supposed to have freedom for

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