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A war of wars, between brothers. Such a war it came to be. Fought over freedom, sacrifice, and civil rights. It killed thousands, a bloody group of battles indeed. But, what caused this, why did this come to be? People were tired, fearful, and agitated. It began with the South fearing for themselves, believing that they would be taken over and ruled. Soon the majority of the population would be free states wanting to smother them, and they could not compete. This caused the secession. But once this happened the Union realised how important it was to get the south back. But considering the South had no intentions giving up their luxury of slave labour, the North knew that they would have to fight them over the issue, if they ever wanted to …show more content…

With very little in the amount of supplies for the troops, and almost no way of selling their cotton overseas, the Confederacy was in a rough situation. Even North Carolinan, Hinton Helper agreed that “we are dependant on northern capitalists for the means necessary to build our railroads, canals and other public improvements.” (Doc.3) Eventually they would need help, and the European countries wouldn’t aid them. Slavery was an issue that England and France both hated, so they would not choose to support anyone that wanted to fight for it, no matter how much cotton they were missing out on. The South's’ guilty practices of of bloody impiety, forced on the freest and liveliest people in the world, that is what hurt them in the end. (Doc.4 +5) Another cause would be that people were tired of the truth. The South was angry at the people telling them how sick their practices were. When people called them out on it, attacking the ideas of pro-slavery, they got angry and retaliated. The violence spread through the Senate, even, when Preston Brooks, a pro-slavery member of the House of Representatives, beat Charles Sumner with a cane for calling the men “hirelings from the drunken spew and vomit of an uneasy civilization.” All of it taken too far to protect something immoral and wrong. (Doc.

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