Main Causes Of Trailing Up To The Civil War

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Trailing up to the Civil War “We have the wolf by the ear and feel the danger of either holding of letting him loose” That was Thomas Jefferson’s quote when he was talking about the south and eventually the wolf got loose. The Civil War officially started on April 21 1861 and was a war between The Union and The Confederates, but there were many times that is could of started earlier. Some examples are The Missouri Compromise, The Dred Scott Decision, The John Brown Incident, and many more. What major conflicts contributed to the start of the Civil War? The three main causes of the civil was between the North and the South about opposing morals, political differences, and economical differences. The first main cause of the Civil War was conflict between the North and the South about opposing morals. In 1852…show more content…
There was a huge difference in economies between the North and the South. The South relied heavily on slaves to keep up their economy and the North were more diverse. In document A it shows a map of where the railroads where and where slaves lived. The North had plentiful amounts of railroads and the South had few, but the South had all the slaves were as the North had none. If the slaves were to be outlawed the South’s economy would take a huge hit and the North would be fine. The North was manufacturing many more goods. In document B it shows that the North manufactured $1,500,000,000 worth of goods and the South only produced $155,000,000 worth of goods and most of the South's exports were cotton and corn also known as slave crops. In the same document is shows that the North had 1,300,000 industrial workers while the South only had 110,000 industrial workers. If the slaves were to not be allowed in The Nation the South would not have an economy so they tried their hardest to keep them to save themselves, but the north wanted to ban

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