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In the mid 1800s the United States was separated into two opposing forces. This separation was know as the Civil War. After not recognizing the Southern Confederacy as its own nation, the American Civil war began in 1861. The reasons for this secessions were from the causes of Political, Economic, and Social problems. The North had a far better economy than the south, with about twice as many soldiers, factories benefited the North’s economy rather than the South, increasing tensions between the two regions. Southerners relied on their plantations and slaves to work on them, so the fact that the Northerners wanted to take away their slaves just pushed the South to the edge. By 1860 the North had over twice the amount of railroads as the South; despite the fact that the South had a larger population due to slaves (Doc A). The mass amounts of railroads in the North upheld the large amounts of deliveries between factories. While the North was mostly industrial and the South was more agricultural. …show more content…

The Northern and the Southern politicians feared each other's goals. But the South feared that if there were more free slaves that there would be more North representation. The disagreements even resulted in violence; when Senator Andrew Butler beat Senator Charles Sumner close to death with a cane after Sumner referred to pro-slavery men as “hirelings from the drunken spew and vomit of an uneasy civilization” (Doc K). On October 16, 1859, John Brown aimed to lead a group of 18 men to seize a federal arsenal in Virginia. Instead, local troop killed 8 of Brown’s men and captured Brown. Later on December 2, 1859, John Brown was hanged for treason in the presence of federal troops (Doc

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