John Brown Dbq

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John Brown was an abolitionist from the North who was raised to think that slavery was a sin. He was so devoted to God, that he broke many laws and killed a lot of white slave owners in order to achieve a "moral end." So in reality, he thought he was doing good and serving God's will, but he was actually costing lives and doing more bad than good. Over the course of his life, he had over twenty children with two wives and John Brown and his sons fought against slavery, which resulted in some sons dying. Brown moved his family a lot over many different states, and his home in Pennsylvania was a stop on the Underground Railroad. This allowed Brown to aid slaves running away from the South. When he became an adult, he moved his family to a black …show more content…

By the time he got to his 50's, he saw that slavery was not going to end peacefully. This led to an obsession with the idea of serving justice to black people and slaves. John Brown figured that the only way for it to end was for him to go and use force on white slave owners, which consisted of him killing them or hurting them and forcing them to give up their slaves. During this obsession with anti slavery, Brown planned a slave uprising at Harper's Ferry. John Brown started plotting to raid the town of Harper's Ferry and seize guns from the federal armory. He rented a farm in Maryland and gathered weapons and men there. Brown's plan was to go into Harper's Ferry, rob the federal armory, and wait for the slaves in the town to join the raid in a protest to slavery. Once the whole group was together, Brown planned to go into the South and use violence to stop slavery. When the time came to pull off the uprising, not everything went as planned. The men raided the town and seized the armory. Once this was done, one of the men was sent in the surrounding town to give the slaves the signal that it was time to rebel. Brown was waiting for the slaves to join him and his crew, but the slaves never came.

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