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Katrina Kim Ms. Collins American Literature (Period 3) 9 March 2015 Maya Angelou's Bibliography Introduction Hip-hop artists such as Nicki Minaj and Kanye West’s musics were influenced by Maya Angelou’s poetries. Maya Angelou was an influential American author, dancer, poet, singer and also an actress. Her works explored the themes of economic, racial, and sexual oppression. She was born in Louis, Missouri in 1928. At the age of three, the divorce of her parents made her and her brother, Bailey, to move to Stamps where their grandmother lived. While living in Stamps, Angelou experienced some racial discrimination as it was allowed in the South America during that time. However, she did a good job maintaining her customary African American …show more content…

Angelou is most remembered for her memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the first autobiographical work which was significant in the history of literary world and gained …show more content…

The article “The Language of Maya Angelou” by Anne Charity Hudley explains how a black woman found her voice. and how Angelou began her journey in mastering different linguistic styles. Though, She had not attended a College, “she had a gift of the word that was highly praised by many Honoree degrees and the legacy in the nation” (Anne, par 2). The language used in her work presented the cultural and social worlds in which she navigated as a black poet having access to standardized English. In a CNN article in 1996, Angelou stated that having access to significant multiplicities of English was very crucial and a powerful social tool. In this way, the language she used in her writing was attractive making her work famous among many people. The second source is the article “Maya Angelou: Voice of Our Time” by the Success Magazine in 2011. According to this article, the “Go Get It” slogan which was a form of self-help that encouraged Angelou in every step of her life. She had some mentors such teachers and family like Mrs. Bertha, who motivated her to speak repeatedly introducing her to books. All these contributed to the success of Maya in

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