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Annotated Bibliography Research Question: Are low-fat/fat-free foods healthier than their full-fat counterparts? Aseem Malhotra, et al. “Observations from the Heart: Saturated Fat is not the Major Issue”,, October 2013; 347:f6340 [accessed 03/26/15] In this informative Medical journal entry, Dr. Malhotra Aseem (interventional cardiology specialist) attempts to dispel some of the common myths surrounding saturated fats and the role they play in heart health. He does not dispute the fact that trans-fats are still responsible for increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, citing that trans-fats are damaging to cardiovascular health (due largely to the inflammation which they cause). He points out that Saturated …show more content…

Christiane Northrup refers to new data published in the British Medical Journal, which, she says “puts to rest a decades-old myth: Saturated fat is NOT bad for the heart” Like many other health professionals she believes that sugar is the real culprit for making you fat, and unhealthy. She points out that “…sugar causes inflammation throughout that body, it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease—and just about everything else!” She proceeds to advise “It’s NOT the burger with cheese and bacon that’s the issue. It’s the ketchup, the bun, and the fries.” She discusses all of the new medical data showing that foods possessing little fat but loaded with sugar don’t leave you satiated after a meal and cause blood sugar spikes which in turn actually cause you crave and eat more sugar, or end up crashing. It is a vicious cycle and has been identified to be the number one cause of obesity and other health related problems. She says that low-fat and fat free foods are some of the worst offenders because they often have massive amounts of sugar and salt which is added to compensate for the fact that when fat is removed, the flavor is also removed. These foods don’t fill you up and you end up eating more than if you were to just have the regular fat

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