Annotated Bibliography On The Calderon's War

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TK Karmo Ms. Solmers English 111 November 16, 2016 Annotated Bibliography Balli, Cecillia. "Calderon's War." Haper Magazine pp. 12-14(2012). Mexico has a weak judicial and police institution and a large economy with consumers. Mexico the hub of one of the world's most sophisticated drug networks. For decades, drug trafficking organizations used Mexico's entrenched political system to create a system-wide network of corruption that ensured distribution rights, market access, and even official government protection for drug traffickers. Officers could make an exchange for money to be able to let people pass by with the drugs or trafficking that they are participating in. This is a reason why the drug distribution is so big in Mexico. Harper…show more content…
"The Zetas have obviously assumed the role of being the number 1 organization responsible for most the homicides, the narcotic-related homicides, the beheadings, the kidnappings, the extortions that take place in Mexico," said US Drug Enforcement Agency’s chief for Mexico and Central America Ralph Reyes after the cartel murdered a police chief, his wife and four children in Veracruz, Mexico. Los Zetas were originally based on military lines, but the group has now been built into a business structure, with quarterly meetings, business ledgers, even votes on key assassinations, the DEA said.Los Zetas also post videos on the internet showing the killing of people. In one clip, posted in 2013, a group of masked men behead four women who allegedly were tied to a rival gang: The Gulf Cartel. The DEA is trying to stop the large drug distribution through foreign affairs but do not seem to be that big of a success Richard, F. (2013, March 1). Foreign Affairs. The Fire Next Door: Mexico's Drug Violence and the Danger to America. pp.…show more content…
For years, the United States and Mexico have been engaged in operations to halt the production of drugs south of the border as well as their shipment to the United States, which is world’s largest drug market. However, the genesis of the current Drug War is commonly traced back to the 2000s for a couple of reasons. Just days after taking office in December 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderon kicked off a veritable “war” against the cartels when he sent 6,500 soldiers and police into his home state of Michoacan to organized crime in this area. Mexican society is largely homogeneous and socially conservative. This is evidenced by the ubiquitous frowning-upon of body art, and the widespread belief that the use of illegal drugs is a moral crime, among many other things. They believe that drugs are legal. They have a legal limit on these drugs but a lot of the drugs that are transported to the USA are legal in Mexico. In this video, it explains how they believe drugs are legal and how they distributed them. The source is coming from a frontline broadcasting

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