Persuasive Essay On Mexican Drug War

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America is a country known for its impregnable environment— one of the essential lures for others to join this melting pot of people. In recent years, the southern border has been left open and vulnerable to contamination, brutality, and economic downfall. From where have these realities catastrophizing our nation arisen? Walking in almost freely, pregnant herds of Mexican illegal immigrants infiltrate the United States by the millions, carrying on their backs a plethora of diseases, including, but not limited to, Malaria, Leprosy, and HIV, along with millions of pounds of cocaine and marijuana each year. The drug war in America grows rapidly and is a strong contributor to the violence seen in the nation today. Not only do the creatures serve …show more content…

The United States should strategically and forcibly control Mexico and enslave its native people. Strategic air bombs in areas of dense populations, such as Mexico City and Guadalajara, would bring the population down to a more manageable size. This is the only viable option to eliminate the unparalleled threat of illegal immigration while creating a new prosperity in our country. Only small legislative changes would have to be made to ensure the legality of this plan, like repealing the ban on slavery and the clause that gives all people born in the United States equal citizenship. Such tiny tweaks would be passed with no objection. For first, the Mexicans would be controlled by our army. They would work in their most efficient state, drastically reducing the need for Americans to take on the bottom feeder manual labor jobs. Every citizen of the United States would be practically guaranteed a higher paying occupation, increasing the overall standard of living. Products would soon be cheaper to manufacture in the United States than in countries like China or Indonesia. Drug production and dealing would be taken over by the government. The quality of drugs would be improved, their distribution wider, and profits would be higher, providing more capital for the

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