Persuasive Essay On Immigration Reform

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“Republicans have agreed to fund the agency but also want to use a spending bill to block implementation of Mr. Obama’s executive action on immigration, announced in November” (Timiraos n.pag). Republicans call Obama soft on immigration even though the first six years of being in office more than 2 million undocumented immigrants were deported. Republicans would rather do nothing but look busy even if that means blocking the Democrats side, “Nothing gets dealt with, nothing gets solved” (GOP n.pag). Republicans didn’t want to be seen as backing down but eventually they had to step back and focus on other issues. Obama’s Immigration Reform is not what Republicans label it as, “This is not amnesty. This is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. This is not a permanent fix. This is a …show more content…

As stated before the reform beefs up the border via more border patrol to speed up people crossing back over, and to catch undocumented immigrants trying to cross over. That ensures security at the border by not allowing undocumented immigrants who aren’t trying to do the right thing crossover to America. I am all for all and any immigrants being allowed in our country if they impose no treat to Americans, but it’s not fair for all the immigrants waiting in line and doing what their suppose to, to have to keep waiting while others scoot their way by illegally. The reform also is searching for immigrants who are felons, to detain and deport them, which provides a secure environment for all of us to live in. The reform also made it illegal to hire undocumented immigrants and if you are caught hiring them you are slapped with a fine. So it secures jobs for American’s and it secures jobs for immigrants who are here with the proper paperwork. We gain security for all once we have a functioning immigration system, which this reform works towards and is a temporary fix

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