Anthem Comparison To Our Society

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In the book Anthem the societies work together and work as a unit to get everything done, compared to our society where we work as individuals and do things by ourselves. For insistence in Anthem there are multiple groups such as street sweepers or the scholars all of them have someone in charge and they make all the calls. Unlike in our society where we make calls for ourselves like when we go to bed and where we want go and spend our nights and what jobs we want to have. Some ways our societies differs are at the age of 15 all the boys are assigned to a task for the remainder of his life. In our society we are allowed to pick if we continue our education or go into the work force and have the freedom to choose our own job and what we want to do. Another way our societies are different is that in your group that you are put in you all live together unlike in our society we get to choose where we and who we live with. Also our societies differ are from how emotions are allowed to be showed in Anthem you must be happy all the time it is forbidden to be unhappy. Compared to or society we are allowed to show all different types of emotions like happiness , Anger, lust and many more. …show more content…

Our societies differ is that you must stick with the name you are given and are not allowed for it to be changed or be called by a different name unlike our society we have nicknames or can get your name changed. Finally our society differ on who we allowed to spend our time with for instance when Equality 7-2521 tries to go to the scholars and show him how we has found light the all ridicule him and bash him to where he end up running

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