Anthnocentrism: The Kantian Perspective

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Anthropocentrism is ‘human-centered perspective,’ which means that we have humanitarian obligation to help others who are suffering and as humans, we only are essential for ‘worth’ and ‘values. ' This concept is seen as the Kantian perspective, where it is being claimed that each person is count till an end in him or herself. In anthropocentrism, things that are right until the end and which supports our interests. Animals and Nature, for example, those are useful to us, and they satisfy our needs, and thus we get profited by them in many purposes such as food, clothes, shelter, etc. The result to this is that the plants, animals and the rest of the part of our environment have no inherent value. But, they are valuable when it comes to the relationship of human needs and desires. Example to this is explained with the example of penguins, where DDT was damaging penguins. Many crops were also sprayed with this pesticide so it was damaging animals and human’s nutrition and thus we were getting crops for cheaper. But after looking at this problem, DDT pesticide was being stopped and was replaced with another one.…show more content…
Like anthropocentrism, speciesism is also seen as human beings and is given more preference than animals since we both belong to different species in some ways. Two different philosophers Singer and Steinbock view speciesism differently. First, Singer has argued that both animals and human beings are being treated differently. Animals are being used for our needs without any regards for their pain and suffering, according to Singer. Whereas, Steinbock has said that there is nothing wrong being speciesism, where we put human need before those of
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