Anthony Smith And Jamarqus Hurley

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Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at approximately 8:26 p.m., a follow-up interview was conducted by Detective L. Donegain and Detective D. Johnson with Anthony Smith at the Fayetteville Police Department. During the course of the interview Anthony Smith admitted to knowing the person responsible for the shooting, that occurred at the Tobacco Mart. Anthony Smith stated he Dana Dudley and Jamarqus Hurley had walked from his residence to the Tobacco Mart. Anthony Smith stated as they were standing at the night service window at the Tobacco Mart, the victim had pulled into the parking lot and parked. Anthony Smith then stated Jamarqus Hurley recognized the driver as the person who had shot his nephew “POP”. Anthony Smith stated Jamarqus Hurley stepped …show more content…

Donegain with Jamarqus Hurley. During the interview Jamarqus Hurley stated he walked to the Tobacco Mart with Anthony Smith and Dana Dudley was already at the store. Hurley stated he noticed the vehicle and thought the driver was trying to pin him in. Hurley then stated it was three against one and he noticed the victim had pulled a gun. Hurley stated the victim fired at him first, he then shot back and fled the area. Hurley stated he was defending himself. Hurley stated he had a semi-automatic black and gray .380 pistol. After the shooting Hurley stated he ran to Anthony Smith’s residence and waited for Smith and Dudley. Hurley stated after 10 or 15 minutes he decided to leave from Smith’s residence. Hurley stated he took the .380 caliber pistol to Lake Rim and threw it somewhere in the lake. During the course of the investigation the victim’s girlfriend Richanne Bagley was interviewed. Richanne Bagley stated the victim had been robbed by Sammy Bethea (aka POP) and several other black males were present during the robbery. Richanne Bagley stated Bethea had taken the victims marijuana during the robbery. It was also learned the victim had ongoing issues with Richanne Bagley’s ex-boyfriend Deyzaun Ford, who is also a friend of Bethea and

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