Antigone Character Analysis Essay

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2 Antigone “My nature is to love I can not hate.” (above line 600) Antigone’s words actions and ideas contrast with Creon’s character to the point of these two characters having conflicting motivations cause the characteristics of stubbornness, pridefulness,and arrogance to be highlighted within Creon’s character. Overall these conflicting motivations develop Creon as a tragic hero by showing that he is too prideful to care about his own family or anyones feelings even though he wants to but he doesn't want people to see him as weak or “womanly”. And the other character interactions develop the theme by keeping a consistent theme of showing how unlucky,tragic,and ruthless the royal family of thebes is. Antigone’s words,actions,and ideas contrast with Creon’s character by her defending her and her brother and burying him so he can rest in peace just like Eteocles.we see evidence from the text when Creon says “These views of yours - so different from the rest - don't they bring you any sense of shame?” and Antigone replies “No there's nothing shameful in honouring my mother’s children.’” this evidence supports my claim because it shows that Antigone does not regret going against Creon’s will and burying her brother even though it means getting put to death.…show more content…
I killed you, my son, without intending to, and you,as well as my wife...Everything I touch goes wrong and on my head fate climbs up with its overwhelming load.”The evidence supports my claim because it shows that Creon realizes he’s wrong and it makes the reader feel somewhat sympathetic towards him for losing his family but not so much to where he isn't still seen as a villain because he is somewhat responsible for his wife and sons
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