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Tragic Hero Essay
“But now at last our new King is coming; Creon of Thebes.” After Creon sends Antigone to live in a cave until death, he realizes a mistake he’s made and tries to get her out. He realized it’s too late to try and save her. She's already dead, so is everyone he loved. Creon is a tragic hero because he was born into nobility, had an endowed with a tragic flaw, and realized they have made an irreversible mistake.
There’s three characteristics that show’s Creon was a tragic hero. One of the characteristics that show that Creon was a tragic hero was he was born into nobility. In scene one the Choragos says, “As the next in blood, have succeeded to the full power of the throne.” This quote shows that he was born into nobility because his father was also a king before he was and it also says “As the next in blood” which shows he was born into nobility. Here’s another quote that show Creon was born into nobility. “But now at last our new king is coming, Creon of Thebes, Menoikeus son.” Menoikeus is Creon’s father and he was also a king too. These are examples that shows Creon was born into nobility and also examples of a tragic hero. …show more content…

When Antigone and Ismene tells Creon, they were the ones who buried their brother he says,“ And all the time I never knew that these two sisters were aiming at my throne!”. Creon thinks that people are trying to take his place in royalty. This is one of his flaws because he doesn’t want to hear people out he just does what he feels is right. There’s another example that shows Creon’s flaws, “Your temper terrifies them, everyone will tell you what you only what you like to hear.” This example show his flaws because he has a bad temper and the people are scared to speak up or do anything because they’re scared of what he might do to them. These two examples shows Creon’s characteristic for a tragic

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