Antigone Man's Law Analysis

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In this tragedy, there are two types of law: man’s law and the gods’ law. While these laws are supposed to coincide, King Kreon decides to go against the gods’ law and prohibit the grieving and burial of Polyneices, who is seen as a traitor. Antigone, justified in doing so, disregards Kreon’s proclamation and buries her brother anyways. She states that she must “perform this crime of piety; for I must please those down below a longer time than those up her (line 75).” By this, she means that it is better to not disobey those of whom she is to spend eternity with, regardless of when she dies. After all, a lifetime in the mortal world is but a day’s length to the gods (line 790). Antigone also knows that by committing this deed, she will be killed.

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