Ap Psychology Chapter 9 Study Guide

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According to Dictionary.com (2017), the definition of psychology is: “The scientific study of mental processes and behaviour. The behavioural and cognitive characteristics of a specific individual, group, activity, or circumstance.” Psychology studies human mental functioning and behaviour by the use of systematic, scientific study known as the scientific method. The scientific method is a standardised way of making observations, gathering data, forming theories, testing predictions and interpreting results.

Courses.lumenlearning.com (2017) stated that the scientific method is based on the following process:

1.Ask a question. Make an observation of a problem or question to answer.
2.Background research. Looking into background research into …show more content…

Conduct a study and test whether the hypothesis is correct. This takes many forms, such as simple observations to elaborate experiments.
5.Analyse data. This can be known as a confirmation of hypothesis. Was the prediction correct?
6.Conclusions & Reporting. Typically takes form of publication in a respectable, peer-reviewed journal. Some studies do not meet this rigorous test of authenticity so published work should help to further our understanding of the human condition.

Without the scientific method, psychology could not be considered a scientific discipline. To be taken seriously, it is crucial for psychological investigations and findings to be sound, robust and transparent. In order to do this, validity is key. According to Study.com (2017), validity refers to a tests ability to measure what it is supposed to measure.

Psychteacher.co.uk (2017) has specified that different types of experiments include laboratory, field and natural.
-Laboratory experiments are highly controlled and extraneous variables (noise, lighting etc.) must be constant for all participants, it is important that the researcher has complete control over the independent variable (IV) - characteristic of the experiment that is manipulated or

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