Architectural Design In Putrajaya

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Architectural Design in Putrajaya • The arrangement of building The centres were planned with bus stops, car parks, pedestrian streets, cycle paths, water bodies and beautiful landscape that really give the benefits to the community. The workplaces, a mosque, commercial areas are built at the main centre which the citizen can just walk to each other. Housing areas are at appropriate distance from the neighbourhood centres. Putrajaya create special paths for walking and cycling which are safe, continuous and convenient. This concept is the same with the original garden city concept that promote walking, and biking areas close to the cities and towns. This create an urban sense of spatial definition. Lakeside cycling lane in Putrajaya…show more content…
The idea of making the Persiaran Perdana or Putrajaya Boulevard is inspired by the Champ Elysees, Paris. Boulevard in Putrajaya is about 100 meter wide and 4.2 kilometre long. It really unique design really attract tourist to come to Putrajaya. However, in the original garden city concept, there are about 6 boulevards that connect other areas from the centre. Putrajaya Boulevard • Perdana Putra Perdana Putra is the office for the Prime Minister and it has become synonymous with the executive branch of the Malaysian federal government. It is located at the top of hill in Putrajaya. The structural design is influenced by Malay, Islamic and European cultures as such Palladian and Neoclassicism. The design of the building is based on Islamic Mogul architecture’s elements in its green-glazed roof, onion shapes dome and wrought iron motifs of the hibiscus, which is Malaysia’s national flower. The building is at the beginning of the Putrajaya Boulevard. Perdana Putra • Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex is the body managing the administration of the Federal Territory of Putrajaya. The design is influenced by the traditional Islamic culture and the entrance arch is inspired by the malay songket weaving. There is also an open arcade area called Qiblat Walk. The entrance of Perbadanan Putrajaya…show more content…
The design of building at the Fraser Hill has the British’s design and architectural. An old fire station has recently been renovate to be converted into a tourists visitor centre. Government buildings and a police station (the station used to be a church) sits on a hill overlooking the town and it is very typical feature of British colonial. There is also a clock tower situated in front of the government building commemorates the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II 1937. There are also many 70-year old double-storey shop houses that have the colonial

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