Arcite And Plamon In The Knight's Tale

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Arcite and Palamon are the main characters in “The Knight’s Tale” and they both play very important parts in the story. These two men have similar traits but different personalities and methods for accomplishing tasks. Arcite and Palamon are cousins, who are so close, that they consider themselves, and even swear an oath stating that they are brothers. Their brotherly pact, as strong as it may seem, is still helpless against the powers of love. In “The Knight 's Tale”, similarities and differences between Arcite and Palamon are evident when they fall in love with the same person, how they behave after they leave prison, and what they pray for and how the prayers are answered. One example of these similarities and differences between Arcite …show more content…

In addition to the above similarities and differences of Arcite and Palamon, another instance towards the tale 's conclusion, with an example of these. Just before Arcite and Palamon are intended to fight for Emily 's hand in marriage, they both go and pray to the gods for success. Palamon goes to the goddess Venus ' temple and prays that he will marry Emily, regardless of whether he wins the battle or not. Once he has finished his prayer, Palamon receives a sign that his prayer will be answered. Later that day, Arcite also goes to pray, but he goes to the temple of Mars, the god of war, praying for victory, but does not specifically ask for Emily 's hand in marriage. Similar to Palamon, Arcite receives a sign, indicating his prayer will be granted as well. As previously promised, Arcite is victorious in the battle, and it seems as if the sign Palamon received was misread, but fate proved otherwise. Walking toward Emily, Arcite is fatally wounded, as a result of his horse falling on him. As he is dying, Arcite recites a great speech. Nearing the end of his speech, Arcite says to Emily, that "’if ever you are to be a wife,/don 't forget Palamon, the gentle man '" (1938-1939). As a result of his injuries, Arcite dies soon after. Years of mourning Arcite’s death have passed, but finally, Palamon marries Emily, and they lived, happily

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