Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Math In this area people don’t seem to know the term euthanasia. When worded in different ways people seem to know what it is. The most recognized being Physician assisted suicide. To word a question one way is to have a bias. The way questions are worded can affect the outcome. For example: The question, Should a doctor be able to give pills that kill people be legal? sounds harsh and uses the word kill and most people have been raised to know that killing is bad so this question would usually produce a negative response. This is assuming that the person hasn’t studied into this topic. Now if you reword the question wanting a positive response it could sound like this, Should physicians be able to fulfill the wishes of patients, who have …show more content…

The fact that our private choices have serious repercussions for others’ lives too reinforces the need to choose wisely” (Logue 3). She is talking about the legalization of physician assisted suicide. To consider legalization of the ending of someone’s life is not something to take lightly. The decision someone would make would not only affects one’s life it could end it. Stefan Bernard Baumrin, PhD, JD, Professor of Philosophy at the City University of New York noted in his chapter,"Doctors must not engage in assisting suicide. They are inheritors of a valuable tradition that inspires public trust. None should be even partly responsible for the erosion of that trust. Nothing that is remotely beneficial to some particular patient in extremis is worth the damage that will be created by the perception that physicians sometimes aid and even abet people in taking their own lives" (Battin 86) This shows that the actions that a person takes can create an effect that was not anticipated in the beginning. Connecting these two excerpts they are about responsibility and knowledge of one’s choice. There are certain repercussions that cannot be anticipated. They both help to clarify, make an informed decision. What one person does is not just for one person it can affect a lot of

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